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Branded clothes start at ₹30 to ₹399. Quality is our strong pillar. Successfully running over 18 stores across Tamil Nadu, Suxus Men’s Wear offers a stress-free shopping experience. We provide quality clothes at low prices and trendy collections. Whether you are a college student or a working professional, we have a wide range of collections, including casuals, formals, and trendy styles, all at affordable prices. We’ve been running this business for over two generations, so we understand customer value. Our main goal is to provide the best quality clothes at affordable prices. It’s everyone’s dream to walk into a clothing store and buy without worrying about the price tag. We’ve created this experience for our customers to make them feel better. Visit your nearby shop today and enjoy your shopping experience with Suxus Men’s Wear.

Founder Says...!

Faizal Ahamed CM founded Suxus, a men’s apparel brand, with a borrowed capital of Rs 5 lakh. Today, he has 18 showrooms in Tamil Nadu and plans to have 420 more by 2030.

Suxus Stores...!

In Suxus stores, there are very few salesmen. In fact, Faizal has modeled the stores on the departmental store model where self-service is the norm. “We are improvising on easy shopping. That is the future,” he says.
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