Brand Concept

There's always a way to do it better - Find it!
It all started with a step in finding "The path". Our story is same as most of yours, until life decided to take a miraculous turn. The twist in this story is as interesting as the twist in our Brand Name - Suxus!

Similar to all the entrepreneurial history, we faced a lots of downhills at the beginning, yet we believed our ideology, that kept us clinging to the last branch we cound ever find. And that ideology was to show that ‘You can give big discounts and still make a profittable success’ In a nutshell, our way is to play the profit margin as low as we could and yet increase the income notably. Inspite of sounding a little weird, our belief broke all the hindrances to make it to the top and shower Suxus! Today, there are 18 Suxus stores across Tamil Nadu — in Chennai | Coimbatore | Madurai | Erode | Dindigul | Namakkal | Kanchipuram | Tirunelveli | Karur | Kumbakonam | Sivagangai. The company does both B2B as well as B2C business and sticks to a price point between Rs 30 and Rs 399. It deals in only men’s wear, which includes shirts, trousers, T-shirts, and denim. Starting in 2006 with just 7 sewing machines, producing 100 shirts a day and most importantly being tagged a ‘Big flop’ had never refrained us from aiming big. There came the time where the big flop company turned out to be a big bang smashing the entire market! Our vision is to have 420 stores by 2030. We will move to North India once we have consolidated in the South and then, of course, go international. All set to knit the second edition of the Suxus story!

We are Members of...

yes young entrepreneur school
yi youg indians
rai retailer association of india