15 Years Experience

15 Years Experience work style is now 10+ direct stores with more than 20k sq.ft area.

Professional Managed

Professional Managed Team with common sense and with simple policies.

State-of-art Showroom

Charming red and peaceful white blends the showroom world-class style.

Transparent Business

Healthy Business relationship with a transparent strategy for mutual growth lifelong with always win policy.

Trend-Setting Quality

Designing products for the current trend with innovative designs at very affordable price.

Highly Affordable to all
Classes of People

Giving the best products for the best price thereby reaching all classes of people is our prime objective.

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help
you answer some of the more common ones.

1. How do I become a franchise?

Complete an application online or request one from the corporate office. You will receive a Franchise Disclosure Document. It is your responsibility to read it. Next, pass a basic skills tests. Then you will be ready to investigate our business opportunity with the help of the franchise manager office. The franchise manager will determine if you meet our qualifying standards.

2. How much is the SUXUS Franchise Investment?

Franchise Investment will vary from person to person based on the showroom sizes. The range starts from 50 Lakhs.

3. How much money can I expect to make and what is my return on investment?

In our Franchise Disclosure Document, we further explain why we cannot provide an earnings claim. We do not furnish or authorize our employees, salespeople, or Development Agents to furnish any oral or written information concerning the actual or potential sales. Actual results vary from showroom to showroom and we cannot estimate the results of any particular franchise.

4. What kind of training is available to new franchises?

Training is for two weeks, 50% in class and 50% in-store training. All franchisees named on each franchise agreement must satisfactorily complete training at Suxus Head Office before the store will be allowed to open.

5. Is operational support available?

Yes. Each franchise is assigned a field consultant to help you meet Suxus standards of operation. In addition, support is available from the development office.

6. Can I sell my showroom?

Yes, you may sell your showroom at any time after opening, provided the company approves the buyer.

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